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Understanding “The Road to Zero Wealth”

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If you had a chance to check out the previous blog post where I named our nemesis The Road to Zero Wealth: How the Racial Wealth Divide is Hollowing out America’s Middle Class. I urge you to read this study, and see if you came to the same conclusions that I did. Here is what I gathered from the study:

“The Road to Zero Wealth” is a report published by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies in 2017. The report examines the wealth gap in the United States, particularly focusing on racial disparities and the growing wealth divide between white households and households of color, specifically black communities.


The report highlights the significant wealth gap between white households and black households in the United States. It reveals that over the past few decades, the wealth of white families has grown exponentially, while black families have experienced little to no progress in building wealth. In fact, the report predicts that without significant policy changes, the wealth divide will continue to widen, potentially leading to “zero wealth” for black households by 2053.

Key findings and factors contributing to the wealth gap:

Historical context: The report emphasizes that the wealth gap did not emerge overnight but has deep historical roots, dating back to slavery, segregation, and discriminatory policies such as redlining and housing discrimination.

Income disparities: While income disparities play a role in the wealth gap, the report highlights that the main driver is the difference in wealth accumulation and asset ownership. White households are more likely to own homes, businesses, and financial assets, allowing them to build and transfer wealth between generations.

Homeownership: One of the critical factors contributing to the wealth divide is homeownership. White families have a significantly higher rate of homeownership compared to black families, which provides them with access to home equity and other economic advantages.

Education: Educational attainment can impact earning potential and employment opportunities, but the report argues that even with similar education levels, black families still face wealth disparities compared to white families.

Impact on Black Communities:

“The Road to Zero Wealth” highlights how the widening wealth gap has profound consequences for black communities in the United States:

Economic Inequality: The report underscores how the lack of wealth accumulation in black communities perpetuates economic inequality, limiting access to better education, healthcare, and overall economic opportunities.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer: With limited wealth to pass down to future generations, black families face challenges in providing financial support and opportunities to their children and grandchildren.

Racial Injustice: The report emphasizes that the wealth gap is a manifestation of systemic racial injustice, rooted in historical and ongoing discrimination, which continues to disadvantage black communities.

Social and Political Consequences: The lack of wealth and economic stability can lead to social and political ramifications, affecting civic engagement, community development, and overall social mobility for black families.

Addressing the Impact:

To address the impact of the wealth gap on black communities, the report calls for comprehensive policy changes at various levels of government. These policy solutions include investments in affordable housing, education, and job training, as well as initiatives to promote small business development and reduce racial wealth inequality.

In conclusion, “The Road to Zero Wealth” sheds light on the persistent wealth gap between white households and black households in the United States and emphasizes the need for targeted policy interventions to address systemic racial disparities and create a more equitable economic landscape for all Americans.

We are in 2023. This prediction is set in motion for 2053. We are 30 years from this happening. If you look around at today’s black community, you will see how the way we are conducting ourselves now will impact our future. This is not a problem for tomorrow. The wealth gap is something that we needed to start closing yesterday. And yes we know all black people will not fall into that ZERO sum. Our goal at Black Money Movement is to make sure that the vast majority of black families escape this notion of Zero Wealth. Spreading the word, starts with you. Join the community today. Subscribe and share this with a friend. We do not want to leave any families behind.

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