Black Money Movement

2022 to 2053

Hello and welcome to Black Money Movement. We would like to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to all those who enter here. The founder Solanke Bomani created Black Money Movement in 2022 to prevent the devastating predictions of 2053. What are the devastating predictions of 2053? They are the predictions from Prosperity Now Institute for Policy Studies that essentially state that the black median income will fall to ZERO by 2053 if we do not make some serious changes in the way we handle money and build wealth. The whole study is 36 pages but I have a summary for you to check out in an upcoming blog post so subscribe to stay updated. 

How is Black Money Movement a solution to 2053? 

The movement focuses on building the black dollar generationally to increase our overall income and buying power to close the wealth gap presented in the 2053 study. Our primary focus is building black business’ reach and awareness through marketing. You may be surprised to know that most black businesses have no marketing budget whatsoever and heavily rely on word of mouth. 

We promote:

Black business/entrepreneurship 

Circulating of the black dollar within the community

Financial literacy education coupled with generational wealth building

Oneness within the community in order to build one another up UBUNTU

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As the movement gains traction, you will see more and more offerings from Black Money Movement.  Find a way to get involved today. Join in on the community.

Sol, Thomas, Niara

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